"Saving buyers and sellers time and money with efficient connections, supporting local economies."

The T1 VIDEOS platform was originally intended purely as an informative/entertaining subset of our international TOURISM 1 network before being upgraded and extended to perform a wide range of practical functions for a diverse global audience.  It's a convenient hybrid format that hasn't existed before now, and is the realization of a decades-old vision. The designs reflect how I prefer to experience directory content when making short-list selections: Direct, relevant, comprehensive, inspiring and reliable, with a dynamic, video-friendly mobile-responsive user interface.  

It's all here, in focus, when you need it.  

As a matter of principle, we avoid the random syndicated advertising feeds, distracting pay-per-click affiliate pop-up ads and disguised sales funnels that clutter up so many other sites.  We do not profit from any of the related sales transactions - we are primarily a communication channel...keeping everyone's costs down and our integrity clear. We do our best to provide connections to local experts and operators - it's a whole new level of CHOICE, yet with a familiar feeling across all sites.  The one very minor exception to this no-commission principle is our T1 BOOKING platform, which provides unaffiliated links to virtually all agency-based meta-search/aggregator services for purchasing travel products, as well as the one external system we use to generate a small amount of revenue from.    

National launch is planned for mid-2019 (this is a spare time project on a small budget) ... See below for key elements in that roll-out.  Please check out our advance participation options - it's just pennies a day to enjoy an enhanced role in this adventure...note, placement order on a selected site page is first-come, first-served!

As this approach evolves it will become even more effective.   Meanwhile, here's to inspiration…enjoy T1 VIDEOS!

Keith Baldwin (Sooke, BC

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